Monday, February 8, 2010

It's not a promise, it's a GUARANTEE continued

It has been a month and half longer than I had originally promised for my follow up. I began using the Duri Rejuvacote in November. The week of Thanksgiving to be exact.

To be honest I have seen a major improvement in my nails. My nails are a lot stronger, and most of the damage that was on my nails has grown out (except my poor poor pinkies, they are almost there). After the first week, my nails were visibly stronger and physically stronger. Before, I could lightly push on the corner of my nail and the whole corner would easily bend-not any more. I can definitely say, that the claims listed on the side of the box are true.

The first seven days, I applied the strengthener every night before bed. My husband did not appreciate the smell. This is a con of the product. The odor is very strong, and a few times my eyes watered and it felt like it burned the hairs in my nose. Note to self: do not inhale while applying to nails.

After the first seven days, my nails did feel stronger. I wasn't completely satisfied with the results, so I did the exact same regime for the next seven days. After day fourteen I took my polish off and begin again. This time I used it every other night. I have been doing this since. I actually prefer to use the product instead of my OPI top and base coat at home.

I also really like that it is almost three products in one, base, top, and nail strengthener. It makes it easy for travel. And also helps the price of $15-$17 depending on where you purchase it.

Some cons, the liquid does get thick. The first two weeks when I was putting it on every day, my nails looked a tad thicker than desired. I have also noticed that if you apply to much it will leave your polish looking bubbly, also annoying. If you put it on at night before bed-make sure you give yourself at least thirty minutes to dry. Many times I woke up with sheet imprints on my nails.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to improve the quality of their nails. It is a very easy regime and you can basically tailor it to your needs. I have included pictures so you can see the changes in my nails. (These pictures were taken a month ago)