Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Wrapped Up

The scarf is a limitless accessory! There are a zillion to choose from in multiple colors, textures, prints, and prices, it’s enough to make a girl’s head spin or have her moving into the poor house. But we all have our go-to scarf. My fav the Tricky Threads black and white peace sign print, it’s super cute and versatile, plus it was so reasonable. I love it! It’s been seen on celebrities like the Olsen twins and Kris Jenner; it was even featured on Beverly Hills 90210.

My only problem is that I always wear it the same way. I desperately need to breathe some new life into my scarf routine. Luckily there is help for the scarf challenged. I found this video on, check it out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holy Lips!!!!

Ok, does big bold lip color freak anyone else out? I love the way red or even plum lip color looks on other people, but I am terrified to try this trend myself. I guess my fear steams from not really knowing how to pull it off and not look like a clown. Luckily there is help for the lipstick challenged.

I found tips on the dos and don’ts of dark lipstick on In a nutshell it is about keeping it simple. If you are going to go with a bold lip make that the focal point, keep the eyes and cheeks subtle. Pulling back your hair into a ponytail or a chignon will also add to the drama of this bold look. Pairing bold brows with a plum lipstick is also another way to work this look. If you have a darker skin tone going super dark is definitely a do. Another trick is to pair a stained lip with tons of black mascara. Using your finger to apply the lipstick will give you this effect.

As for what you want to avoid, lining the lips with dark lip liner, overdoing all your make-up, going Goth with black lips and of course the dreaded lipstick on the teeth. To avoid the dark ring around the lips, use a q-tip in translucent powder to line the lips and keep dark shades in place. Lipstick on teeth? Try a little Vaseline on your teeth.

After learning how to work the dark lipstick look I am ready to jump right in. So what do you say girls, you want to join me?

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