Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Low and Behold Chanel Sports Green

During my routine reading of the New York Times Fashion pages, I came across pictures of Chanel's Fall 2009 collection. Low and behold Chanel is sporting green nail polish. Yes, when the Queen of Fashion decides that green will be the new "it" color we all must listen and follow.

Don't fret you don't have to wait until Fall to sport that color yourself. Luckily Essie came out with a new small collection just recently called The North Fork Collection. In the collection they offer the most beautiful green called GreenPort ( I found a pretty accurate picture of the color courtesy of alllaqueredup.com) This is a limited collection so if you love it then purchase it; because when it is gone it is gone. We also sell it at Sundrops. Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be Marry.

Wedding season has officially arrived. We have seen an increase in bridal groups visiting our store and we get to hear all the great details of their big day. With that in mind we have decided to share some great and creative details.

To begin we thought we would start with the most important element a wedding coordinator. Our fav is Victoria Canada Weddings and events. Not only do we get to pamper her feet at Sundrops, but our owner Stephanie worked closely with her only a few short months ago. Victoria's motto: Do it Big, Do it Right, and Do it in style sums up the great team at Bright event gallery.

Victoria, Kelly, and Katie get raving reviews not only from our boss but from several brides we speak to daily in Sundrops. What they all say, "we never could have done it (and survived)without them." They put together AhhhMAZING events. Their creativity and hard work make the most beautiful events. Check them out at http://www.abrightevent.com/

Our next topic, Bridesmaids gifts. With the bridesmaids day comes bridesmaids gifts. We will share with you the best gifts and most creative we have seen. For formal gifting, a beautiful pashmina and pearl earrings. So classic and soo Breakfast At Tiffany's. For the informal gifting, bridal collection nail polish. With names like True Love, Blushing Bride, and Happily Ever After, these colors are timeless and what a perfect way to suddenly tell the ladies that these are the colors they will be using. The most creative gift idea we have seen...was a personalized make-up bag for each bridesmaid. The kit included make-up to match each skin tone that each woman could use on the day of for touch-ups. So great and so cute!

Our final bit of wedding advise, nail polish for the big day. The day before your wedding is a stressful day and getting your mani and pedi should not be stressful. Something as simple as nail polish has brought brides to tears at Sundrops. We have a few pointers for all you brides out there.

1. Purchase the polish. Having your color with you will save you stress on your wedding day if the color happens to chip.

2. Ivory dresses (i.e. Monique Ihullier). You don't have to wear an ivory color on your nails. It makes your hands look older. Choose a sheer pink like Mademoiselle or Hi Maintence by Essie. They work with every skin tone and look lovely in pictures.

3. Classic white dresses. Frosted pink nail polishes look great against a bright white dress. It sounds very 80's but it looks rich and glossy in professional photographs. Choose something like Pistol Packin' Pink by OPI

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day

I went to Trader Joe's over the weekend and I felt like an outsider. I got up to the checkout and the clerk looked into my basket for my reuseable shopping bags. I was panicked, I quickly panned the check out stations and realized I was the only one without a reuseable sack. Men and women alike all were in the know about this. The thing is I am very earth friendly, I recycle, I never leave the water running while brushing my teeth, and I always turn off the lights when I leave a room. I am not wasteful!

So when I got home I started looking around at what I have, I have SEVERAL totes but none that can squish up and just be in my car on a sporatic shopping trip. I started googling and I found these adorable totes in the best colors. Baggu, where were you the other day? So in lieu of Earth day check out these great bags and consider keeping them in your car. If we all just purchase one we will be lightening our footprint. Go EARTH!
Find the whole collection at www.baggubag.com